CARDIAC DIAGNOSTIC SERVICES; We offer a full range of diagnostic office based tests to diagnose and follow various cardiac conditions. EKG- this is a simple test that records the electrical activity of the heart (click here)

HOLTER- 24 hour rhythm monitoring (click here)

EVENT MONITOR- 30 day monitoring of heart rhythm. Used to diagnose problems that occur erratically and infrequently (click here)

ECHO- this test is the ultrasound of the heart. It is done using an ultrasound probe and is painless and non-invasive. It is used to check heart muscle function, evaluate heart valves and measure pressures in the heart and the arteries of the lung. For further info (click here)

STRESS TESTING- this is a global term used to identify tests that evaluate the response of the heart to physiologic and pharmacologic (medicine generated) stress. They include plain exercise treadmill test and nuclear (using diagnostic radioisotopes) exercise and adenosine (pharmacologic) tests. (click here)

- testing done to evaluate the status of these devices. Also can reprogram these devices to tailor and fit the needs of individual patients

VASCULAR DIAGNOSTIC SERVICES PULSE VOLUME RECORDING(PVR)- non invasive diagnostic test using large blood pressure cuffs at multiple levels to evaluate the waveform and pressure of arteries (click here)

ARTERIAL DOPPLER ULTRASOUND- testing with a ultrasound used to diagnose abdominal aneurysms, blockage in arteries of neck (click here) and extremities (arms and legs)

VENOUS DOPPLER ULTRASOUND- testing with a ultrasound used to diagnose blood clots in the veins and insufficiency in the venous circulation.


24 HR AMBULATORY BP MONITORING - test used to diagnose patients blood pressure over a 24 hour period to help with diagnosis and evaluate efficacy of therapy

TRANSESOPAHGEAL ECHO (TEE)- specialized echo with probe in the tip of an endoscope device. Used to evaluate clots in the heart, infection of heart valves etc. (click here)

TILT TABLE TESTING- This test is used to evaluate causes of passing out(syncope). It involves a patient to be secured on a table which is then made vertical from a horizontal position. The patients vital signs and symptoms are then followed and recorded.

CARDIAC CATHETERIZATION- is an invasive test which is used to evaluate the arteries of the heart, pressures in the heart and in the arteries of the heart and lungs. Further details in FAQs. (click here)

CORONARY INTERVENTIONS- is an invasive procedure used to open blockages in the arteries of the heart. Further details in FAQs.(click here)

VASCULAR INTERVENTIONS- is a novel method used to treat arteries of the arms, legs, kidneys and neck (carotid) using minimally invasive techniques with balloons, stents and plaque cutting devices. (click here)

ELECTROPHYSIOLOGIC STUDIES- invasive testing used to evalute the electrical circuit of the heart using catheters. Also can be used to treat arrhythmias using special catheters. (click here)

PACEMAKER AND DEFIBRILLATOR IMPLANTATION- devices that are used to correct the rhythm of the heart (pacemakers)(click here)and used to shock and treat arrhythmias (defibrillators) (click here)
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